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The online remote A/S service is a service allows customer support personnel to remotely access a customer’s system through their own computers and take directly control and manage the customer’s system by using either an internet or intranet environment.

This service is much more quick and accurate method of solving problems then the previous method of having technical service technicians’ visit directly or trying to fix the problem through the phone. Through the direct centralized maintenance which is made possible with the internet, the state of the art remote service is a highly efficient solution compared to off line A/S method.

Does not require the separate installation of the remote A/S application on the PC

-Use active X component which is easy to install.
-As the remote system inspects the client PC the component is automatically distributed.
-The component is a very small at 450kbyte
-When the component version is changed the component is automatically upgraded.
-The download and installation require no other actions by customer support personnel or the customer.
-The maintenance, repair, and upgrade is made to be as convenient as possible.

The remote A/S can be provided to all network environments

-Through our own developed TCP channel service function, service is available to all network environment.
-Service is possible for those within firewall
-Service is possible for those using IP routers
-Service is possible for those using NAT(Network address translator)
-Service is provided regardless of proxy server, Virtual IP or dynamic IP.

Convenient UI

-Active desktop can be used to create a consultation request link on the customer’s desktop.
-Can create a consultation request link to the homepage of company providing the consultation.
-Perfect connection to existing solutions