02 | Signed an agreement with Alibaba Cloud in the health and medical sector(MOU)
Pyeongchang forum hosted by Ministry of science and technology and communications

04 | Selected as global hidden champion
hosted by ministry of SMEs and startups No.2018-021

04 | Specialized in baby skincare 'Atolian' was launched

11 | 50 billion evaluated Coporate value
Attract investment of 90 times the facial value of 2018

12 | Selected as an excellent enterprise for SME R&D support project Ministry of SMEs and Startups,
Korea Technology & Information Promotion Agency for SMEs, TIPA


03 | GMP certificate acquisition
Obtained certificate for medical device manufacturing and quality control standards

05 | Obtained the right to manufacture and sell cosmetics

06 | Bebescan, obtained certificate of new excellent technology(NET)
Hosted by ministry of health & welfare No. 134

07 | Selected as a company to supported by overseas business expansion program
Hosted by ministry of science, ICT and future planning K-ICT Born2Global center

08 | Bebescan was selected as 'the top product from small and medium enterprises'

11 | Bebescan was selected as 'the next generation's best quality product'
Hosted by ministry of trade, industry and energy No.2017-313

12 | Awarded '$5 million tower of export'
Hosted by korea International trade association


05 | Headquater relocation
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Health Care Innovation Park

10 | Participated in 2016 P&G InnovAsia

11 | Developed out-of-medical products and cosmetic service platform
2012~2016 Development of industrial fusion source technology
implementation by the ministry of trade, industry and energy / supervising institution: Aram Huvis


02 | Patent registration
'Customized skincare manufacture system and customized skincare manufacture method by using the system'

06 | Connected smart factory (CSF) Aram Huvis visited the business site and conducted PT
Ministry of government administration
Ministry of strategy and finance: a budget examiner, director of research and development budget
ministry of science and future planning: SW director general, internet convergence policy center, the director of the creative fusion project, the director of convergence industry

08 | Business partnership agreement was made with Samsung Electronics S Health

08 S Health partner app “Aram Viewer” registration

10 S Health partner app “Solutionist” registration


09 | US Business model patent registration
Manufacturing method and delivery system for customized skincare


03 | Development of the world's first mobile skin/hair analysis system


12 | Awarded '$3 million tower of export'


Customized skincare FMS(Flexible Manufacturing System) development
Flexible production system for customized skincare based on knowledge services


02 | Selected as small and medium enterprises with innovative technologies 'INNO-BIZ'
Hosted by small and medium business administration

07 | ISO 14001 / ISO 9001 Authentication completed
ISO 14001 quality management system authentication completed (authentication No : RQM0745)

09 | Business model patent application
Customized skincare manufacturing method and delivery system

11 | 'Korea Skin Map Project' joint ceremony
Aram Huvis led a joint research of the korea beauty society


11 | Establishment of Aram Huvis
Analysis Specialist Company

12 | Engaged Lancome from Loreal group for dermal analysis Systems


01 | The passion began for customized skincare
Dawn at Annapurna Poonhill observatory