ICT & IoT technology to keep well-being

Baby healthcare total solution

Love watching, healthy looking

See with love, you can see the love and health of you child.

Bebescan consists of bebe, which means baby, and scan, which means care.
Bebescan gives you a sense of relief, thinking about worried mother's heart over a crying baby.

Collect a variety of medical information with one device

The more information you have, the more accurate analysis will be.
We've put ICT & IoT technology in home health care devices to further enhance their functionality.
Bebescan can not only take body temperature, which is directly related to the child's health, but also can clearly show the ear, inside the nose, inside the mouth, teeth, and even the skin, which can't be seen though bare eyes.

Check body temperature cycle, record

Measure the temperature of objects such as baby bottles, bathing water, etc.

Showing real-time images inside a narrow opening of the eardrum, etc.

Showing real-time images of teeth with regular and UV LED light

Showing real-time images of skin condition

Check the skin moisture level

Measure temperature and humidity of childcare environment

More brightly, more clearly, more accurately

Implementing high-quality medical images

As great as to expensive hospital equipment, the quality of images is supplied to home health care devices.
Medical images and information taken are transmitted to the smart device via USB or Wi-Fi.

The technology that connects the heart

Prepared medical remote service

Medical images and information transmitted using medical imaging technology can be viewed by real-time over the server even from long distances. experience high-quality remote medical services through interactive video calls and chat.

The professional imaging medical device, the BebeScan Doctor, is developed from conventional devices that only show images of senders and receivers, provides real-time, high-quality images of the inside, nose, mouth, teeth, and skin enabling medical staff to provide accurate remote advice.

Let's meet Bebescan.

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