Mom's love baby's smile, Atolian.

Meaning the baby is smiling with Atolian

Promise of Atolian

Charter of Atolian

First promise

3 month expiration fresh
skincare product
Unlike cosmetics that use preservatives for long-term preservation, Atoliando not add preservatives to prevent skin irritation.
the Atolianis low-volumnmanufacturing. we make it freshly when customer orders.

Second promise

Baby's skin health is the top priority!
We will approach you honestly and safely, without the fancy tricks that can distract you.

Third promise

Use all safe ingredients to sensitive skin
The skincare that are absorbed by the skin every day should be as safe as eating. our baby's skin barriers are weaker than adults, so it need to be cared more carefully. the Atolian is only made with EWG green grade safe ingredients. also, we ruled out controversial ingredients that are known to cause allergies or problems.
No preservatives, no artificial colors,
no artificial scent
There are no preservatives, artificial colors and scent that can be absorbed into the skin to irritate.

What's different about Atolian?

Atolian Characteristics

Fresh skincare with
a three-month shelf life

General skin care of mass manufacturing method adds preservatives for over three years for long-term distribution and preservation. we don’t add preservatives, we only make a small amount with 3 months shelf-life.

No preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial scent

Baby skin is thin and has a weak skin barrier with high rate of drug absorption that should be careful of side effects.

No substances were added that could irritate the skin

Using only the EWG green grade ingredients

Use only ingredients that are safe to the skin, excluding materials that are highly hazardous.
The environmental working group (EWG), a U.S.
environmental research group, has classified
the hazards of skincare ingredients in 10 stages.

Moisturizing content UP!

The moisturizing effect lasts for a long time.

superior sense of moist with higher content of moisturizer. moisturizing effect by ceramide, which protects natural moisture factors and prevents skin moisture evaporation, as well as moisturizing effect by betagluccan

Skin pH balance design  

The normal pH of the skin is 5.5, slightly acidic.

However, atopic skin is alkaline. Most solid soaps and cleasers are also alkaline, causing skin balance to break. Atolian has pH of 5~6.0, preventing any troubles caused by pH unbalance.

Double layered airless pump container

It prevents any contact with air or foreign pollutants, thereby improving their conservation without adding preservatives.

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