Ceramide Cream

Ceramide content UP!
Strengthening skin barrier and moisturizing effect

What's different about Atolian?

Fresh skincare with a twelve-month shelf life

We don’t add preservatives, we only make a small amount with
12 months shelf-life.

Using a dual airless pump container,
to prevent contamination from outside.

What's different about Atolian?

No preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial scent.

Skin irritation component free.

Baby skin

Epidermis is thin.
Has few cell layers and a poorly formed stratum corneum.

Adult skin

Epidermis is thick.
Has many cell layers and firmly formed stratum corneum.

The skin of babies with thin and weak skin barrier has a high rate of drug absorption and should be careful of side effects.

What's different about Atolian?

Using only the EWG green grade ingredients.

What is EWG skin deep grade?

The environmental working group (EWG), a U.S.environmental research group, has classified the hazards of skincare ingredients in 10 stages.
The higher number of the grade, the higher the risk, and vice versa, the safer the components. 1-2 ratings correspond to the green rating.

Strengthen skin barrier

High in all natural ceramide content

If the skin barrier is weak

Moisture evaporation causes skin dry and lets external contaminants easily flow in.

If the skin barrier is strengthened

Skin barrier blocks external contaminants and prevents internal water evaporation.

What is ceramide?

Ceramide is the main ingredient in inter-cell lipids.
Intercellular lipids act as a physical skin protection to blockexternal hazards and prevent the evaporation of moisture inside the skin.

The Atoliancontained highly concentrated of ceramide. it also solved the stability of high contents of ceramide.

Result of ceramide moisture lasting effect test

Damaged skin recovery test

Long-lasting moisturizng effect with one time usage

Contains 30 % moisture contents!

What is β-glucan?

β-glucan is obtained by liquid cultivation of the schizophyllum commune Fr mycelium and has the following effects.

• Prevents lowering of skin immune function
• Protects skin damage caused by UV light(sun) and heavy metals
• Inflammation, irritation relief of sensitive skin

Result of a test to determine whether a cell is alive or not for heavy metals

The normal pH of the skin is 5.5 slightly acid

Design pH close to normal skin

The normal pH of the skin is 5.5 slightly acid. on the other hand, atopic skin is alkaline.

 Atolian has a pH of 5 to 6.0 to prevent problems with it.

How to use

피부 속 보습 성분이 피부 밖으로 손실되는 것은 물론, 피부 밖의 외부 자극물질이 피부 속으로 침입하지 못하도록 막아줍니다.
세안이나 샤워 후 물기를 닦고 얼굴과 팔꿈치, 무릎 뒤 등 국소 부위에 4~5회 펌프하여 펴 발라 흡수시켜 주세요.
건조한 부위에 하루 2회 이상 사용해주세요.

Turn the top of the indicated container to the right to push out the button.
Press the extruded button to pump. Initially, the contents may not come out smoothly about one to two times.
After use, turn the marked part to the left to close.

Q & A

  • Why Atolian has only 3 month shelf life?

    Atolianput the priority on baby’s skin.

    Atolianhas no preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial scent , no ethanol and ect. that can irritate the skin.

    Using our own independent manufacturing techniques and dual airless containers that prevent contamination during use,

    we made it possible to have them 3 month shelf life without preservatives.

  • Amount is too small

    To keep it fresh, Atolian packs in small amounts.

    for the same reason, we use a dual airless pump container in case of contamination during use.
    if you use more frequently, please try custom shipping.

    The Atolianis a highly concentrated skincare product that lasts long with a small amount of use.

    Applying large amount doesn’t mean itabsorbswelland has alonglasting effect.
    the differencein contentof the majoringredient determines theeffect.

  • Can’t tell how much is left

    Atolianis fresh skincare product to be used in 45 days after opening.

    Based on one month serum 8 pumps a day and cream 5 pumps a day.

Mom’s love, baby’s smile

Professional baby skincare brand

Atolian symbolizes for the smiling baby face with Atolian