A company that studies the health of the skin & hair of its customers

To make the world's skin & hair healthy and beautiful

  • "Never give up"

    The opposite of success is not failure but giving up.

  • "Analysis, beauty and healthcare global hidden champion"

    We are small but strong to be.

  • "A leading in technological development"

    We will continue to innovate technology through continuous R&D investment for tomorrow.

No.2018-021, April 2018
Selected by ministry
of SMEs and startups

No.2017-313, Nov. 2017
Selected by ministry of trade, Industry & energy

No.134, May 2017
Selected by minister
of health & welfare

Selected by ministry
of SMEs and startups

A company with 16 years of research on its customers skin and hair

Founded in 2002, AramHuvis started as a specializing in analysis device company. AramHuvis is a global hidden champion for distributing skin & hair analysis devices to more than 70 countries and Loreal and P&G group, the world's first and second largest cosmetics companies.
In 2016, we moved to the Healthcare Innovation Park in Bundang Seoul National University Hospital and worked with SNU faculty to expand our business towards customized skincare and healthcare businesses. AramHuvis has done its best to " make customers skin & hair healthy and beautiful, " and will continue to challenge itself.

Skin Research Department

R&D Lab

AramHuvis opened the skin reseach department(R&D Lab) in 2003 and has continued to innovate by
making aggressive R&D investments.

Date of approval 12.15.2003

Percentage of R&D investment to sales

AramHuvis Business Field

"AramHuvis is creating synergy with 3 departments, the analysis devices, customized skincare and healthcare.
AramHuvis is committed to increasing core value by providing 3 solutions to enterprises."

Analysis Devices Department

We research & develop a skin and hair analysis system that is exported to over 70 countries including global cosmetics companies

Healthcare Department

Pursuing for health and happiness for all.

Customized Skincare Department

Developing skincare suitable for individual skin characteristics even sensitive skin can be used safely.